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Lenutech Service Mantra Service Mantra

Passion of a bondservant to see service to our customers is done with heart, pride and mutual investment in one another's future.

Lenutech models our service based on recent lessons from life and reading - bondservant mindset.

Now allow me to elaborate:


Lenutech studies the essence of our customers until we know it like our own. Knowing what our customers are about - not just what product or service provided - but the internal values and operations that are the structure of the organization. Everything important to a customer begins with understanding their essence: how were they established? how did they grow? what has changed over the years (before Lenutech) what is the organizational structure and mindset of the organization?


when decisions are made or action taken in Lenutech's service to its customers, the current needs and the future growth of our customers is at the heart of these decisions. Sacrificial thinking may mean doing more than is required. Providing service to our customers that may extend beyond our service or even our expertise.

Pitch In

Much as ourselves, our customers will at times require the efforts of not only their own family but those around them. Lenutech will be there to join our customers in their endeavors to serve their own and to serve the community around them. One of the benefits of serving our customers is the ability to provide help in more areas than just our neighborhood or in our own circles. Lenutech can extend that reach and expand those circles. Passion - Lenutech services customers with Passion! Providing service to our customers is a delight. Seeing our customers smile and at peace due in small, or large, part to the service provided by Lenutech.

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters...” — Colossians 3:23 NIV

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